Short List Wednesday

I’ve been called Media Man, Tech Guru, and Josh.  “Tech Guru” is a misnomer–I just know how to plug things in.  The blog name comes from what my music students used to call me. If you write what you know, then I should blog about music, basic songwriting, movies, video games, great-yet-cancelled TV shows, scamming Kmart, complaining about the government, and waiting too long then watching great girls get snatched up.

Whether due to boredom or a desperate need for attention, I have decided to start a blog.  Aside from the 6-10 people who regularly read my facebook status updates, I’m not sure who will read it.  Yeap.

I love a good list.  It could be the 25 Best Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes, the top 30 Nintendo DS games, the 10 Worst Superhero Movies Ever Made, or the Top 3 Ways To Get Your Blog Readers To Write You Off As A Geek.  If I get my hands on Time magazine, there are two things I’m interested in: the latest Joel Stein article and the short list, a recommendations list of 5 things that the staff is into that particular week.  I’m always making recommendations, and by “making recommendations” I mean issuing demands about what my friends and family should be watching, playing, and listening to.  By way of an introduction to me and my blog, and to kick off what I plan will be a weekly feature, here is my own short list:

A Short List…

      1. Movie –  The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters – Merging my love of great movies with video games, I will give you a pick for one of the best documentaries you will ever see.  A film chronicling the rivalry of two of the best arcade Donkey Kong players may sound like it John Deeres right through the boundary of geekdom you are unwilling to cross, but I can nearly guarantee you will not be disappointed that you let this into your life.  If you need outside affirmation, the reviews are 97% positive at Rotten Tomatoes.  Instantly trustworthy–could you fabricate the earnestness of the arcade referee, complete with striped shirt?–and polarizing–you will come away with a firm judgment and a righteous indignation–it managed to make me care about 80s video games in a way usually reserved for the mating habits of the highland cows of Gothenburg, Sweden.  I think you can find it on the $5 rack at Kmart.
      1. Music –  Metropolis by Janelle Monáe – My music collection was getting too stale and over-folked (sorry Mumford and Civil Wars), so I picked up something I knew would clear my palate. Heavily inspired by the 1927 Fritz Lang film of the same name (which could be a recommendation on its own), Metropolis consists of two albums so far: Metropolis: The Chase Suite and The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III), with Suite IV on its way.  These are some of the trippiest concept albums you will ever hear, being about an android named Cindi Mayweather who has parts cloned from Miss Monáe, and is scheduled to be torn apart for falling in love with a human.  I think the piece is more tightly constructed than The Beatles’ Abbey Road.  Hopefully “cybersoul” will become an actual style of music.  Check out “BaBopByeYa.”
      1. Web Series –  Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – If it sounds over the top, rest assured it is.  Joss Whedon’s series about a wannabe supervillain trying to make it into the Evil League of Evil was produced during the writers’ strike of ’07-’08.  It stars Neil Patrick Harris of How I Met Your Mother, Nathan Fillion of Castle, and Felicia Day of web series The Guild.  At 44 minutes, it could be your best lunch break indulgence.
      1. Article –  2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal – Seems appropriate I should link to a Time magazine article since I’m plagiarizing the Short List.  This article grabbed my attention immediately since the cover looked like The Matrix mixed with Dollhouse.  Fitting, because the has much in common with both, except that it isn’t fiction.
      1. Blog – – The short story is that I joined the Caedmon’s Call fan club a number of years ago to get access to exclusive stuff, the head of the fan club, Bryan Allain, wound up in my Gmail contacts, which I think generated a recommendation to follow him on Twitter, which led to his blog.  It’s hilarious.  He writes about everything from being hungry to living in Amish country to stories from the Bible as experienced by employees at Dunder Mifflin (see above link).  He’s recently started a special project to help fellow bloggers, which costs only a shameless mention of his site in your first blog post!  No, I made that up.  Check him out.

(Whoomp) There it is.  First post.  You can tell a lot about a person by what they recommend.  I guess not doctors so much, though–“stay away from dairy” doesn’t exactly lay bare the soul.

The numbering of the list was a mistake I made trying to edit the html code.  Shows what I know.  I kind of like it.

More to come on Friday.


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I've been called Mr. Oblivious (I like the backstory to that one), Bible Boy, Christian-Man (MAN, Man, man...), Media Man, Tech Guru, but mostly Josh--took my blog name from my favorite nickname, which my music students used to call me. If you write what you know, then I should blog about music, basic songwriting, movies, video games, great-yet-cancelled TV shows, Kmart video game scams, complaining about the government, and waiting too long then watching great girls get snatched up.

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